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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Useless Pieces of Information
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
Popped into a pub last night with some of the Guys (er, I mean, Girls) to play Trivia.

Back in the day a mob of us were regulars at various Trivia Pub Nights - the Beehive then the Tower and some pubs in between. Got sick of it after a while, but of late some of my crowd have moved to Richmond and found a pub there - the Mountain View - which has a passable Trivia night.

Anyway, last night our team consisted of me, Tess, Tammy and Justine. We wheren't really paying attention, more interested in gossiping and eating.

And then... We won!!! How did that happen??? The winners from the week before were sitting next to us, they were a team of about fifteen, and they came third - although they would have been equal first if it hadn't been for their three point handicap.

It's funny the pieces of useless information which I only know because of Trivia. Here are some examples:

Q: What country was formerly know (before 1984) as "Upper Volta"?
A: Burkina Faso.

(Actually, I know this because I'm a geography nerd. Got curious about this country with this funny name, and looked it up. I guess I'm going to have to go there at some point!)

This question or something much like it has been asked at least three times at Trivia nights I've been too.

And in future I will also know which physicist's portrait appears on the New Zealand $100 bill (Lord Ernest Rutherford) and... Wow... Mental blank! I can't remember anything else I might have learnt!!!

Usually we have Sean Carter with us, he's pretty good at these things. Afterwards we said "who needs Carter?" I even sent him an SMS to this effect - his response was "you bastards!" :-) We even got the gregarious host of the evening to call him up and give him a hard time. We'll have to go back in a week (or maybe two) and spend our $70 voucher...
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