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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Paul's Long Weekend, By The Numbers
Catnip Cat macro
Cafe's visited: Tin Pot, Degrave's Street, Traffic, Stuzzi, Alphabet for a total of five.
Restaurants: One, Salem's Indian in Coburg.
Rental houses visited: five
Houses applied for: one
Chai's consumed: About six
Lesbian's chatted to: Two! Wait... Two and a half.
Women flirted with in Real Life: Two
Women flirted with Online: Um... three maybe? :-)
Friends added on Le Book Du Face: Three
Mock renditions of the National Anthem: three
F/A-18 Fighter jets spotted: four
Members of my family encountered: About eight or so
Ninth birthday party invites: one :-)

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which half of the lesbian - top or bottom?

My accounting is not good

But I'm working on one bisexual == half a lesbian ;-)

I could also have taken this on a "I thought the top/bottom thing was only for gays" but decided not to ;-)

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