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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Three Cafes and Lesbians on a Bike
Tram In Snow
Today. Looked at some houses. Found a rather ace two bedroom place in the far north of Brunswick. It was the first place that we got excited about in a while. Barbara and I were like "we could put our books there, and we could get a couch that turns into a bed and I could put my desk on the landing and and and..." So we're going to apply.

Then I made it to the first of the day's Cafes. The Tin Pot. I <3 that place. We made it to the last of the houses we were looking at. Well, the flat. Well, the... what the fuck is it? Supposedly two bedrooms, it was on three levels. None of the rooms had doors on them. The downstairs "bedroom" was being used as a office. The middle level bedroom was more or less next to the front door. The "living room" and "kitchen" were on the top level, and boy were they tiny. I still can't believe the kinds of shit places that not only exist but people are expected to live in them! Damn!

Next, I met some friends in the city. Carla and Anastasia, the couple who I didn't realise had broken up ages ago! Eep. Ah well, they're still friends, seems even Barbara (the once and future housemate) knew they'd split! Damn, talk about out of the loop... We met at the Degraves Cafe and I chain drank Chai's and Mineral Waters - it's been hot... :-)

It was interesting see the Girls again. We sort of lost touch after a certain Breakup, so I haven't seen them in person in about three years. I tried to find out what had been happening with them in the mean time, but they couldn't really think of anything... Not that I could! Then it emerged that a couple I'd known back in the day had had a baby late last year... You'd think that might count as something interesting!!!

Then they blasted off on Anastasia's motor cycle:

Which was apparently something impressive, all I noted was the flames painted on the sides!

And tonight I could have gone to see some bands at the Corner (Blood Duster and Fuck! I'm Dead! amoungst others) or headed off to the drive in in Coburg with some friends in bikes... But I couldn't be arsed, so I headed off to ANOTHER cafe with my laptop... :-)

Then I came home and chatted with some folks. Hello tortoises :-P