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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Nerdy Bits
The Man With No Name
It's a bit nerdy, but I'm unreasonably delighted with this tiny Western Digital hard drive. 120 gigs in the size of a tiny, er... it's about the size of a pack of cards. Purchased for Cheap off good old Ebay. It's going to be part of my gear when I go around the world - a place to put the pictures I take on my (as yet non existent) camera.

Cool. It's a bit larger than my entire MP3 collection... So I can bring it to work with me... So I can have Music for months and months at a time! Yay!

Which means I can sell one of my MP3 players as well, since I've been using it as a portable hard drive - a piss-poor 4GB. Anyone want a hardly used Creative Movo2 4.GB? I'm thinking $50... Hmmm, I can probably get by without all three of these USB keys while I'm at it... Then there's the 2Gb card in my phone..... Man, how can one person need so much data???
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Heh, I've gotta admit to being tempted by your MP3 player, my current one is a 1st-gen 1GB shuffle with no screen! >(

No screen! How do you survive???

This one is nothing special (doesn't play Ogg Vorbis for example) but has served me well. It's actually the second one I have, it's a refurbished one I got when my first one died for some reason.

For you, $50. You can even have the original software (which is crap) the original headphones (which have been in my ears) and two chargers (I have one at home, one at work). I might even throw in a USB cable.

However... this does mean we'll have to meet in person! :-)

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