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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Should This Nerd Be Allowed to Reproduce?
Einstürzende Neubauten
And I thought I was a nerd....

Help me keep the shell people alive

This may not make a lot of sense to my non-nerd readers :-)

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The other day I had to use Mac OSX's command line to fix something the GUI had done.

I like the Mac OS for that reason. People always freak out when they seem me opening a terminal window, like I'm about to hack NASA or something.

Which of course I only do from my Linux at home... Debian rules!

I must admit that I do have my terminal app set to the old green on black - a bit of a homage.

As for Linux, I think I need to clock a few more hours in Mac's command line before even considering it. Although I have been research FreeBSD of late (Yeah, it's not linux), and I've been researching the Tanenbaum-Torvalds debate.

I like your thinking, re green on black. I have set up with those colors :-)

I spent many years writing code on various Linux boxes. Mostly running Debian, which is very low end. All the desk top linux installations annoy me a fair bit - I still have my FVWM setup from 1995. I should play with the Mac OS some more, I have three friggin' Mac's at home!

(Note to self: pay your cousin for the Cube you slack bastard.)

I have to admit I can't pick vi over vim.

Vi and Vim are functionally identical. I think we're talking Emacs over Vi. A contest which of course Vi wins. ESC ESC ESC :wq

I started off with emacs, didn't like it and switched to vi. Within a day. The first time I ever used Linux. It was when I was 14 (late starter, I know) and went and did work experience in the Swinburne astrophysics/supercomputing centre; my supervisor showed me what I needed to edit in text files to run simulations on, and she was using vi but she showed me emacs as she figured it'd be easier for me to use/had a somewhat more familiar interface. She came back that afternoon and was all "You figured out how to use vi by yourself?!"

vim >>>> vi though. ♥

(This is possibly the nerdiest discussion yet... But I will continue...)

Vi commands do have the look of line noise to the uninitiated. Why do I need to hit escape to edit stuff???

What's really scary is I just fired it up in Cygwin just now, and I've forgotten a lot of the key strokes! How did that happen??? I'd better go home and run Goatboy (my linux machine) some more...

And for some reason I'm not surprised you were doing Astrophysics as work experience, and further find that mental image highly amusing :-)

(I learnt Vi at Uni in 1994. And now I miss it...)

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