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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Hmmm.... Is This A Faux Pas?
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
It that how you spell Faux Pas???

Who recons the following was... One of them things...

One of the delights of f*c*b**k is finding old friends. I came across a couple (literally, a couple) of people I hadn't seen in about three years (they were friends of the Ex.)

So I thought I'd ask them out for a coffee, let bygones be bygones. So I asked 'em out for a coffee. There was a bit of an exchange of messages on the aforementioned social networking site - which hence was doing its job. And one of them mentioned they were at two addresses...

Wait, I thought, when I knew them they lived together in a flat in St. Kilda... So I asked... Seems they're not together and haven't been for ages!

*slaps head*

In my defence, neither of them display their relationship status, and there was a series of happy pictures of them recently from Midsumma... With, I now realise, at least one other chick in the shot... (er, important detail which may be lacking, partly because I don't want to use their names: we're talking a lesbian couple here...)

They were practically married! In fact they did some kind of "commitment ceremony" on a beach as a protest about rights for same sex couples.

Ah well, will try and meet at least one of them for a drink!!??!?