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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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House Hunting: Eccentric and/or Unfinished
Dancing Kitty
Looked at some more houses today. It's freaky the number of extremely shit houses which are out there which people are expected to rent! Today's bunch included... Er, well, I can't remember, they've all blended together...

We did look at one marvellously eccentric place in Northcote which was almost on High Street itself. It was... hard to describe. Officially it was on something called Easement Street. One wandered down a long laneway (hallway perhaps?) up some stairs and through a smallish courtyard type garden, and into the "house". It was kinda of on three levels, a large main area kitchen thing, a lower level with two bedrooms (well, kinda lower, it was was down some stairs about half the height of a floor - the main area was effectively half way between the other two, which filled the back of the building while the main area filled the front part... Look, it was really oddly shaped, ok???) which both had bathrooms. Upstairs - up a spiral staircase! - was a large room, built into the roof area, so it was kinda triangular with not much head space in parts.

Ah, look, lets just say it was somewhat interesting and eccentric and leave it at that. But we're kinda interesting and eccentric, so we seriously thought about applying. Here see for yourself. Oh, great location too, about twenty metres from the Northcote Social Club. Maybe if they're ask for slightly less rent and we can find someone to live in the attic-like room, we'll apply...

In fact we popped into the Northcote Social Club afterwards. It looks very odd in the daylight, I'm not used to it.

What else did we look at today... Oh yeah! The Un-finished town house in Brunswick. We should have guessed it was going to be Interesting when the ad on the website only had an "artists impression". There were painters and electricians all over the joint! The one of five we went into had no banisters, no light switches or power points, and no fittings in any of the bathrooms! We sort of had to guess what it was going to look like! Which was Generic Town House, and a little too small at that... Ah well, that was novel, climbing over the builders electrical cables to get to see a place. The Real Estate Lunatic told us they were supposed to be finished a month ago, so he wanted to show them anyway... Weird.

It's also looking like the only places that are any good are just a little bit more than I'd really like to be paying. It starts to get really uneconomical really quickly, which would kind of defeat the purpose of moving.... *sigh* will have to see how I'm going in a few months, if we don't find a place before I'm going OS....