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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More News From Kabul...
Tram In Snow
Following on from this post, it sounds like one of the American's killed in the attack was a friend of someone my sister is sharing a house with :-(

They're being told to stay indoors and are being ferried around in armoured vehicles. Sounds like the country is really starting to go down the toilet... Which is more or less what she predicted last time I asked.

Still, she will end up in these places - Before Kabul, the UAE, before that Jakarta...

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I don't suppose she's considering coming home any time soon?...

It wouldn't surprise me if most non-essential westerners were evacuated from the place sooner or later.

She was here for about four months last year before being sent to Afghanistan, so she's unlikely to leave just like that.

Glad to hear that she is ok

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