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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Weekend: Part 3: Saturday Night, Spiderman's party
Orange Hair
Saturday night I managed to drag myself to a party at Mike the Activist's place in Coburg. Man, my people don't have enough parties, it's been aaaaaaages since I went to one.

Mike is an extremely tall guy I know from the Culture Jammers, who I discovered has a tendency to dress as Spiderman! However when I rocked up he was in full seventies gear. I'd mis-read the invitation, there was a bit of dress up theme going on. Although Mike had gone all out with an "M" cape etc.!

Chatted to a whole bunch of randoms. Met a woman who has a business selling Furniture... In second life! That was odd. Got talking about love hotels with a half-japanese couple (er, the GF was the Japanese one, that make's 'em half Japanese :-) Ended up, as usual, having several lewd conversations about nooky... Played the "who's the nerdiest here" game which I won roundly by sending an email to one of them from my phone. Not to mention showing 'em facebook on it. Note to self: these are not the kinds of contests you should be proud of winning.... :-)

Mike has a bit of a performing streak, and treated us all to a poem about spiderman, before we ate his spiderman shaped cake!

Chatted to a woman who I'd met once before, years ago. She was involved with a chap I'd been talking to earlier. I demanded they do more public displays of affection, because it wasn't obvious. Later I caught them embracing and encouraged them. Anyway, it turns out this woman had shared a place with my cousin! I knew Mike knew my cous, so I shouldn't have been too surprised. She also knew a woman called Anastasia that I sort of know, and she'd met my dad! This whole Small World thing is getting a bit too weird...

There was a great deal of TISM played later in the night, which made we weirdly nostalgic. Mike told me a story about how he and his mate used to go around pretending they were in TISM, until one day they met an actual member of the band :-)

I drank the slab that Bon Scott drank, I injected some of Hendrix's junk...

Dragged myself home at about 3AM. I gotta stop going out so late!