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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Stray Update
Stuff what happened.

Today, Thursday, marks the 4/5th point of my first whole week at work since early December. *grown* It's been hard.

I started reading another Primo Levi book today, only to discover that it's now a "new" book, but the American edition, which a new title, of a book I've already read. Dang.

I have 205 friends on Facebook.

My little brother turns 22 on Saturday! Egad!

I like Marvin the Borrowed Cat. He's very demonstrative when he wants to be, and big and sensible enough to stay out all day.

It was 40 degrees again today, and I still went to the gym. But, here's the trick: it has the best aircon in town! All them sweaty bodies need to be kept cool :-)

That seems random enough :-)