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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Loose Ends
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Things I may have forgotten to Blog about!

OK, in roughly chronological order...

Boxing day. My aging grandfather (93 or so?), after we'd had a spot o' an afternoon tea, insisted on leading all his descendants (all 15 or so of us) on a parade through his nursing home. I suspect he's planning to show off about his enormous brood later. And there were at least ten of us missing from the gathering...

Thursday, I caught up with my ol' political crony Sarah. She's off to Cairns for two weeks, with a Difficult Boyfriend. She wasn't sure what to do, so I said "find a beach and read a book for two weeks!"

Friday, I was going to see a band (having first made a delayed trip to the gym, since it's been shutting early this week, which I didn't find out till I got there) at the NSC. Love of Diagrams, in fact. But got an invite to a pub crawl with Luna and Clive. Given my continued policy of accepting all invitations, I went along. It wasn't a pub crawl as such, more of a Cool Melbourne Laneway Bar Crawl. Which is a very good idea which I will have to repeat.

We started at the Section 8 Container Bar, that temporary bar they set up on Tattersalls lane which appears to have become permanent. Good. I'd never actually made it in there before, it's always been too packed. But the Friday after christmas is quieter than average so there we all sat. Bumped into one of my disreputable cow-orkers, who was drinking coopers from a long neck! Classy!!! Later one of his mates did the "tapping the other guys beer bottle to make it froth everywhere" thing, and it did indeed spill everywhere. I insisted they do it again so I could capture it for YouTube :-)

I had me a drink. The nice man in the container gave me one of his private stash of Guinness. Apparently summer is not the season for dark beers, which I didn't know...

The next "bar" we went to was the dumpling restaurant next door. An excellent choice I must say, we had piles of dumplings for bugger all. In fact, one end of our table put in so much money, we paid for the whole meal!

Then we went to... Um... We tried to get into the rooftop bar above Cookie, but they were showing a movie. So then we started going to something called St. Germanes (or St. Something, can't remember) but someone said it had a cover charge. So we walked most of the way across down to something called the River Front.

Now, I know there are a veritable FUCKLOAD of bars in Melbourne, and I can't be expected to know about them all, or me aware when new one's open. But to come across the River Front, which sits underneath Fed Square, facing the Yarra, crowded with about 3000 people was something of a surprise! Someone should have informed me.

There was some continued debate about where to go next, since there was narry a seat at this bar. We eventually decided to make it to Myers Place. There are now at least three or more bars on that little street, including the now-venerable Myers Place Bar, and Loop and some other place we ended up in that I'd never heard of. I had my second drink, some four hours after the first. A $10 "stubby" of little creatures, which was actually almost a pint and took some drinking. Didn't really like it in the end.

Then for some reason we got dragged to Myers Place, were we found a nice quiet table at the back. I managed to make two new friends on Facebook (although it seems there are a lot of "Jane Watkins" out there so it took a while to find the right one on my nerd phone :-) The other dude, Adrian - who works in a porn store of all places - was a bit easier to find. His was the only profile pic with a man in a dress... :-)

Oh, apparently the point of this event was the brief visit to Australia by a chap who I was introduced to as "Barnsey". He had is nephew along who's name was... Barnsey. His niece and a couple of her friends turned up later. I don't think she was called Barnsey. I'd have flirted with them, but they were half my age and on their way to a 90's night on Brunswick Street! A 90's night! Holy fuck, batman, that decade only ended a couple of years ago!!! Oh, and it sucked.

Had a curious conversation about how 28 is apparently some kind of transition age. If you can make it there, you've done ok. I can see what they meant, I didn't get my first full time job till I was 28. Kurt, Jimi, Janis, none of them made 28...

Anyway. Missed the last tram by a long way. Had to catch a cab home. Got to bed around 3AM. I think I'm slightly hung over...

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Today in Borders (I ended up instead buying much better and much cheaper books from Savers) I saw a Kurt Cobain figurine. He looked fucking evil. The concept was fucking evil. It was fucked up.

Thou shall not profit from graven images of dead musicians who may well have killed themselves because they didn't like capitalism's soulless profiteering - pretty disrespectful poser she-ite.

My brother bought me "The Kurt Cobain Journals", as I detailed here. But technically you shouldn't be bored enough to click it.

....only the one I saw looked a lot more angry/evil.

That is very weird... Of all the people to make a doll of....

Dumplings are awesome. Now to make 28...

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