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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
Cool. I haz a ticket to Overseas!

Leaving on June 12th for Dubai (er, I'm not even 100% what country that's in. Oh yeah, United Arab Emirates *slaps head*) then on to London, Washington and Noo Yeerk.

With side trips to Berlin and a town in Switzerland. That reminds me, must contact my aunt there to make sure she's expecting me!!!

Anyone know a cheap place to stay in New York? I'm thinking somewhere in Brooklyn near a subway station so I can get into Manhattan easily...

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Why the hell you not coming to Paris? :(

Because Dubai, London, Berlin, Lussanne, Washington, New York (with stop-overs in Bangkok, Zurich and LAX) is more than enough cities for one trip!??!?! You gotta remember I've never traveled before!

Having said that, I'm in Europe for the better part of a month, I might be able to make it over there.

Hey, aren't you here early in 2008?

hurray! Yeah, I know that I've known about this for few weeks, but still HURRAY! You have to go to the TATE Modern with me. I miss gallery visits with Paul

Just try and STOP me from coming to the Tate Modern with you :-)

I'm in the same boat at this end, want to go see stuff at the NGV amoungst others, finding it hard to put together a posse...

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