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Marvin Goes Exploring
Krazy Kat
Marvin, the aforementioned Humongous Bachelor Cat, got let out the front door today for the first time.

I'm thinking he's not the brightest of cats - he couldn't quite get his head around the stairs, and was trying to jump from the fence onto my balcony to get back inside! I had to walk down the stairs to show him how they worked...

He's a good climber! Leaped up onto the relatively high fence around the neighbours back yard just like that, then leapt from there to their shed. I should explain something about the structure of my place. My flat is on an oddly shaped block, kinda "L" shaped. Therefore my flat is actually directly behind and above my neighbours house. They're bordered on the back by the block o' flats and on another side by our car park. Therefore my main window, along with a great view of the city, also has a decent view of their back yard, and their shed roof is maybe three metres from my window.

So he managed to jump onto their shed roof and have a poke around. It's often got stacks of pigeons on it, so this was not a bad idea.

Then he walked off on the top of the fence and disappeared for about an hour. Till I found him trying to get back in via the fence. Funny cat!

Other amusing behaviour: he turned up with a teddy bear. I thought "oh, how cute, it's his little friend"... Until I saw him trying to kill it! That would explain it's hairlessness...

He has a bit fat tail, befitting his size. It gets tangled in all the cables dangling from my desk and ends up pulling stuff off it!

OK, enough sad Cat related ravings for now :-)

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is that the old brown teddy bear? he loves it! Polina

Yep, that's the one, a little brown teddy with almost no hair left.

For a big cat, he's a bit of a softie! He dragged it onto the bed last night before going to sleep...

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