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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Someone I wanna meet on my travels in the US
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
I wanna meet Jennifer 8 Lee.

Yes, 8 really is her middle name. And apparently she throws a great party and writes a good book.

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Oh, like 15peter20 from Nathan Barley (great show).

I'm reading a good poetry book right now by a guy called π. 0. He does amazing things with language.

That is all I know of putting numbers into names.

0h n0, \/\/417, 17'$ n07 4ll 3Y3 kn0\/\/, b3c4|_|$3 n0\/\/ 1'm |_|$1ng 7h1$ l337 $p34k c0nv3r73r.

/\/ [ ] /\/ [ ] 1 iz 1337!!! |_| iz (rU$|-|1/\/9 /\/\y 1337 dre4mz!!!

The explanation she gives makes some sense - she wanted to distinguish herself from all the other Jenny Lee's of Asian extraction.

Although I also read that maybe her parents added the 8...

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