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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Christmas Was Weirder Than Yours
Einstürzende Neubauten
Dear Diary,

I've had a moderately weird Christmas.

A much travelled Christmas. Christmas eve, I drove out to Warburton with my Dad and my brother, having picked said brother up from the Blood Bank where he works (as a vampire). My cousin lives out there, and that branch of the family being Norwegian, they do Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day. There you go, there's a useless fact for ya.

Drove my dad's car all the way back to Brunswick then Northcote from Warburton, that's a lot of driving! It's about 75 kilometres from Northcote.

Christmas day, I was half tempted to just stay at home and pretend like it wasn't happening. But I had made promises. So I popped out to the Edinburgh gardens to meet up with a homeless feral tranny of my acquaintance (you know who you are) and we sat around talking shit for about five hours. Ate char grilled vegies and some char grilled octopus. Which was a novel and rather pleasant way to spend Christmas day. Opened the Panetone I picked up and Northcote central, and it were mouldy! I thought that shit never went off!!! Oh, also met wildilocks. Dang. Then I Popped over to my dad's place again and had dinner with him.

And... when I got home I called up some friends - Jean in Adelaide (we talked for nearly two hours!), vedmajulia in Tel Aviv of all places, and I tried and failed to get through to sharpenededges in London.

Today (er, technically I guess it's now yesterday) Boxing day, I took the train out to Geelong. Well, first I missed a train, I got to Flinders Street at 10.51AM, the Geelong train was leaving Spencer Street (S**th*rn Cr*ss) at 11AM. Darn it, if the Epping train went around the loop the other way like it usual does on a weekday, I'd have made it.

So I was compelled to have a Chai on the block arcade to kill some time. Read Beat and found a number of gigs I'll have to make it to. Finally made it onto the midday train to Geelong. I had to queue for about five minutes for a ticket, then find platform 8 North. There were three trains on platform 8, the Geelong train was the one on the very end!

Had lunch at my mom's place, patted Amber the delightfully stripy huge orange cat, which was my christmas present to her last year. Looked in on her Woolemi Pine.

Then we popped over to see my aged grandfather in his nursing home. As did some twelve other relatives (if you ask me to name everyone who was there, I'll cry!) After a brief afternoon tea of Dutch goodies, my grandfather (who delights in the name of Leonard Boer!) was rather weary - happens a lot when you're 93 - so he trundled back to his room. He thanked us all, we gave him a small round of applause, and so then of course he had to bow :-)

Popped in past my favourite second hand bookshop, Barwon Booksellers, but predictably it was closed. So we had a quick Chai in a passable bar in the "bohemian" section of Geeeeelong. Got on the 5.31 train back to Melbourne, then the Epping train home.

I have a lot of cold meat etc. in the fridge, so I had a quick Bachelor Tapas dinner - this is where you don't bother to get the smoked ham or salami from there packaging, you just eat them straight from it - and hopped into my car down to the Espy.

I <3 the Espy, haven't been there for months, probably not since I saw Root! there. There was a bunch of Rap and, er, blues influenced bands playing which was rather interesting combination! Say TZU, CC Martini (a band with eight members, including two female lead singers and two cheerleaders! This was like their 4th gig), DJ Mu-Gen, Pablo Discobar, The Vasco Era and Dallas Frasca... Amongst others! Not bad for a Boxing day evening. I was going to hang around to see Dexter but my knees were complaining.

Bumped into an old friend from my Radio days, Natalie. Last I heard, she was in Kosovo, working for the UN. She was just here for the holidays. We complained that the place appeared to be full of children (we're both ooooooooold) but then we were hanging at SRA back in 1997!

Spent some of my evening SMSing Kellie, who was in the process of driving to Adelaide, then also go onto Sarah to arrange a coffee. George however didn't respond to my attempts to get him to come out :-)

Egad. And here I am. I need to be in bed!!!

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Wow, my mum has a Woolemi pine too. Spoooky!

I got it for her 65th birthday. Now I want one, they're weeeeeeeeeeeird...

Haha 1997 SRA... Oh hang on that makes me old too! Damn.

Sounds like you had a good Christmas, huzzah!

Oh and I'm glad it's not just me that hates the whole Southern Cross Station crap. It's on Spencer Street so it's Spencer Street station. Logic! :o)

He he... If you can remember Uni you weren't really there :-)

Man, it is kinda scary that most of that stuff was ten years ago...

It was an above average christmas.

And I've been a long campaigner against Southern Cross. Mind you I seem to be the only person who remembers when Melbourne Central was called Museum...

Ten years ago! Get this for scary, I want to take my home phone number to my new house and I can't which makes me very sad as I've had it for 26 years across two houses! I'm too old to remember as new phone number. :oP

People call Museum Station Melbourne Central? Go me and my oblivion to that fact! :o)

How can you have the same phone number for 26 years???? You should try and get a number with the same last four digits...

I took it from my family home when it was sold eight years ago.

I was thinking about taking the same last four digits. I just can't believe in this modern day and age with mobile phones they still won't allow youu to take a number 20kms down the road!

It still has something to do with exchanges etc. I believe. I think they also try and preserve the connection between a geographical location and phone numbers. So everyone knows I'm in Northcote 'cause I'm 9489 etc.

Interestingly however this doesn't seem to hold for the CBD, where my office number starts with 8676...



What was that sonny? You'll have to speak up...

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