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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Stuff I did this Week
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Sorry, LJ, I have been negligent. Actually, I have been for a while now, barely keeping up with my friends LJ's let along communities.

Ah, fark. Can't be bothered blogging now. Some highlights:

Attempted to have Drinks in a Bar on Friday night, but was somewhat washed out by the rain and the bar I wanted to have 'em in being shut.

Ended up in a basement backpacker bar at a comedy gig of sorts. Chatted briefly to a muscular American who was chain-drinking jugs of beer... Who turned out to be a Marine!

Had dinner at a friend's place Saturday night. She barbecued some salmon which was ace! Kensington's a nicer part of town than I give it credit for.

Anya and her BF brought Marvin the Cat over to stay with me indefinitely. He's asleep on my desk right now. See entries below...

Visited some oooooooold friends from High School (George and Fab) in Reservoir today. They have two kids, one of whom is only 22 months but looks like he's about three. Kids are big these days! They helped me discover the reason I couldn't find old friend Coco Hatami on Facebook... It's because she's not calling herself that nowadays.

Um, that's about it. Still actively avoiding housework.