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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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A Merry Chr*stm*s to You All
For the seventh straight year, I present... The weirdest christmas related picture you will ever see...
Nancy and Mr. T

For those you who born since 1980, that's Nancy Reagun sitting on Mr. T's lap. Why, we shall never know!!!!

(His T-ness has recently been seen again in some chocolate bar ads. Damn, everything old is new again. Stupid 80's revival).

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and he's giving her a Mini Mr T as a present too. Oooo!

Man, a Mini Mr. T would be worth a fortune on ebay now...

I was born Dec 79... Mr T was not a problem, but I have to admit I didn't recognise Nancy. Whoops!

President or Pop Culture Icon?

Well, lets face it, when was the last time Nancy called anyone "Fool!" The last time she appeared in public was at Ronnies funeral in 2004.

Mr. T on the other hand refuses to disappear into pop culture obscurity where he belongs!

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