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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Sydney, Day Eight
Einstürzende Neubauten
Just realised I haven't finished my relentless and thorough blogging about my otherwise uneventful trip to Sydney...

As an aside... When I got back to work on Wednesday, three of my cow-orkers said they'd greatly enjoyed my constant updating of my status on Facebook. I can and do update from my phone, so it was saying things like "Paul is on Sydney Harbour", "Paul is on the 431 bus to Glebe", "Paul is looking at aaaaaaart" etc. etc. etc. I knew there was a reason I updated so constantly!

Anyway, my last day in Sydney was the subject. My lovely aunt Diane drove us over to a beach called Bronte - an ocean beach slightly south of Bondi. We walked along the coast from there to the edge of Bondi beach. There was at least one other beach in between (Tamamramma or something like that) and a rather interesting rocky inlet. Some pretty bits, Sydney has. Some mighty ugly bits too if you head out to the far west :-)

It was a muggy day, although a bit chilly in the sea breeze. I still managed to get sunburnt, even on a overcast day of only about 24 degrees. Actually, I got burnt in patches, where I didn't quite get the sunscreen coverage right. Parts of the backs of my hands, parts of my shoulders not quite covered by my t-shirt.

We doubled back to Bronte and had an average lunch in a cafe there.

Driving through Sydney is a novel experience. There aren't any straight road, there are many small suburbs pressed in together. We passed through... Well, I have no idea, but Redfern was one suburb we went through.

I had to abandon my plans to catch one more ferry - darn it. So I went instead for a walk along another piece of foreshore, around the edge of somewhere called Rozelle Bay. There's a park there which stretches around to the top of Glebe. I walked as far as some fun old cranes etc., then had to head back to pack my stuff. I did see the worlds smallest beach - one of the sets of steps leading down to the water had gathered some sand, maybe two square metres worth.

Headed back to Annandale, to the Aunt's place. Packed my stuff in about five minutes flat. Diane (the Aunt) gave me a ride to Central and I waited for the train out to the airport. That's a nice touch, a train that passes under the airport. Lugged my stuff (three bags, one of them quite large, for a seven day trip! I gotta learn how to travel light!) up one lift, onto the train, up another lift, then a third.

I was ludicrously early for my flight (just they way I like it. I missed a flight once a few years ago, mainly out of sheer brain fade) and popped over to the checkin area. This is where my attempts to show off my skills an experienced traveller fell down. I have a Virgin frequent flier card (there's a pun in that somewhere) which I whipped out and popped into the self-checkin kiosk. Tried a few times and was told to see the ground staff! Bugger, what's supposed to happen is it finds your next flight and spits out a boarding pass. Went over to the counter and waved it at the lady there - who just checked me in (27A, left side window seat. Ace). Then I learnt why my card hadn't worked... I was trying to use my Qantas frequent flier card *slaps head*. In my defence, they're both red and similar looking. At least I didn't try and use my Hudson's Coffee card!!!

I had about an hour to kill in the airport, which is not the funnest place on the planet. I knew my way around by now, I even know where the good Chai shops are, having passed through here six times this year! I found a rather decent coin operated internet cafe just up the terminal from my gate. So, as any good nerd would, I got onto Facebook and LJ and Twitter :-)

Was amused to note that all the keyboards where the same as mine here at home, a rather nice Dell with a good action.

The flight back was quiet. The lady in front of me got three seats to herself, and was delighted. I shared my row with one business man. I took advantage of the (paid) in house catering. Two buck cheese and bikkies, a three buck muffin and a passable cup of Green Tea.

Aaaaall the way back two or possibly three kids a few rows in front - they always put the kids towards the back of the plane, which is a problem for those of us who like a window seat with a view of the wing - spent the entire flight carrying on. You know the kind of stuff, low-level fighting and poking, yabbering on and on and on. They kept it up for the whole hour! It was impressive! As we got off, the business man a seat away made a comment about "lovely kids" and "I'm not going there again!"

Grabbed my luggage, and waited for my dad who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport. They're such a pain to get too and from. He dropped me at home, and I gave him a book I picked up for him from the Museum of Sydney, about an exhibition of contemporary photojournalism. Went and scored a burger from Danny's (there was no food in my house, and indeed there still isn't :-)

Slept. Holiday == good. I think I will work on becoming a Traveller. Gotta learn how to pack less stuff next time!
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