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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Sydney, Day Seven
Einstürzende Neubauten
This will have to be quick - I'm typing this from the Sydney Airport internerd cafe, with about 30-40 minutes before my plane boards.

Monday, day Seven in Sydney, was pretty quiet. I crowbarred my arse out of bed at about 10.30AM, and decided it was high time I went to the gym (yes, I travel with my gym gear.) Found my way to the bottom end of Glebe Point Road (do I sound like a local yet?) and the Victoria Park pool and Gym.

After negotiating the coin operated lockers - weird, they had coin operated showers as well - I finally made it into the gym proper. Every new gym is a bit weird, all the equipment is either missing or subtly different. Or indeed for that matter, it takes you a few minutes to work out if it's the piece you're looking for.

All lat pulldowns look the same. Most leg presses come in one of two forms. A preacher curl is a preacher curl where ever you go, although it might have a different name. But some things are a bit wacky. The seated row, for example, at my gym is a thing with a cable. You brace yourself with your feet and pull the handles towards ya. At Victoria Park, it was a levered thingy, with a chest plate that you pressed leaned against. Took me a couple of minutes to figure that one out. But I managed to do my whole program and, more remarkably, I managed to remember the whole thing!

I never shower at gyms, I find it an excellent way to pick up interesting foot fungus, so I bussed it back to Annandale and had a shower there. I do like working out, it makes one feel really great for several hours afterwards. And then you need a nap.

Hopped on the bus to the Rocks and hopped on two more ferries! The one out to Broad... Broad... er, can't remember, somewhere which had the word Broad in it's name :-) That was actually a nice little trip. Then as soon as I got back I hopped onto the North Sydney ferry again.

Diane, the aunt, had organised a bit of a barbecue for Monday night. I'd helped by lugging in the full cylinder of gas (for starters). I also popped into the biggest friggin' supermarket I've ever seen - the three level monster Woolworths on George Street. I haven't been in a supermarket for over a week, thank fuck, so this was a bit of a culture shock...!

Picked up some lamb, er, you know, the ribs with the chunk of meat on the end (there goes my career as a celebrity chef!) and a couple o' steaks, and headed "home".

Diane (the Aunt) and Tess (the Cousin) and I were joined by a chap called Chris who is an artist and drummer. Back tracking a little - my aunt is an artist as well and seems to know all the local artist. I was enlisted to do the barbecuing, complete with apron (pictures to follow).

We ate piles of perfectly burnt meat and chatted. A French friend of Tessa's came by to say good bye, she was off back to France via a Salsa dancing club! She was a bit of all right, but didn't stay. And I can't remember her name now except that it was extremely French!

That was about it for day Seven. Day eight (today) to follow. Did I mention I'm writing this from a coin-operated internet cafe in Sydney Airport? :-)
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Hope you like it. Like I said, you got one of the tasteful ones ;-)

I shoulda sent more, I only sent about 10. I still have stamps left!

Stamps are good \o/

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