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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Things What I Forgot To Mention During My Travels
Drawing of a trike
I've realised I've left out minor but important details about my first few days in Sydney Town.

First off - the lost bus! I hopped on a bus outside the Aaaaaaart Gallery of NSW, which headed back into the city. After we'd turned a few corners, one of the little old ladies went and spoke to the driver, saying that usually this bus took a different route into the city. The driver revealed he'd never driven this route before! Eventually we ended up in the right place, after most of the other passengers had bailed at unofficial stops!

Did I mention that I've been on ferries ever single day? Only a short trip today, will have to go to Manly to make up for it.

Second, the Dog Poop incident. Let's just say walking across a park at night is hazardous.

Third: Postcard City. I've sent about ten postcards, starting the day I arrived. If you haven't got a postcard from me, it's cause I don't have your address :-)

Fourth: Did I mention the nice lady at the MCA who gave me her "I heart MCA" badge when I was disappointed that I couldn't buy one in the gallery shop? Most cool and I was most pleased.

Fifth: the little old ladies from Launceston I met on the Parramatta ferry were off to Manly to "hunt down some Chinese" and asked me along! I had other things planned, and I felt like I would be encrouching on someone's grandmother :-)

That's all I can recall for now, thank you LJ for working as a kind of externalised memory for me.

BTW I'm maxcelcat on Twitter if you're really, really keen to know what I'm doing minute by minute...

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