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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Sydney day... Six maybe??
Stooges Dancer
Ah, it's all blending together.

And I gotta get out of this smell internet cafe! Ah well.

Today I went to the Sydney Museum, which was pretty ace. After having some seriously passable breakfast in Annandale. Nice to see someone combining eggs and pesto.

Spent too many hours here in Smell Cafe beforehand and indeed now... Hmm... Time to get home...

After the Museum (small, but the the contemporary photojournalism exhibition was really interesting, as was the remains of the first governors mansion visible through the floor in the foyer) I hopped on the Ferry out to Parramatta. Which is a loooooong way up the river. The first two thirds where kinda interesting - it's been raining all day, so the bay looked grey and mysterious. Then we really got into the top of the Parramatta river, where the ferry had to go reaaaaaally sloooooowly. It'd also go so humid the windows had fogged up and we could barely see out...

The upper reaches appeared to have mangroves or something much like them growing on the bank.

I chatted to a couple of old ladies who were sitting next to me. They were from Launceston, and had come here as a birthday pressy for one of them. Seniors get a daily travel card for only $2.50! They said they'd hopped on the boat to get out of the rain and off their feet for a while - which was the same reason I was there!!! :-)

I spent most of the return journey on the rear deck where at least it wasn't as humid (I'd had to ask the lovely old ladies to stand up for a sec., but I needed to get out of that seat!) The whole ride took probably an hour and fifty minutes - I didn't even bother getting off the ferry at Parramatta, I've been in that part of the world and it's nothing special.

I was at Circular Quay so I thought bugger it, time to get on another boat. I hopped onto the Watson's Bay/Rose bay ferry. At Watson's Bay, they stopped for about twenty minutes, next to the (apparently quite famous) Doyle's Seafood Restaurant. A local had let me in on a little secret: the take away place on the pier sold exactly the same food as the restaurant at about a third of the price! Dinner!!!! Hopped back on the ferry with a pile of fried food and scoffed most of it before the ferry even left the dock. One of the deck hands said he wished he'd thought of that idea.

The ride back was great, the city is experiencing a gray, rainy day like, well, Melbourne. I took some great shots of the Coat hanger from the window of the boat.

And that's about it for today. Going to try and find a gym tomorrow morning. Not to say that I haven't been exercising, I've been walking so much it's been... Very frigging healthy. Now if only I can stay away from the Bubble Tea and the fried food :-)

Oh, almost forgot! Made some really ugly sticker photos the back of a video game arcade. They didn't turn out well, partly because the machine was built on the assumption that the subjects were about two feet shorter than me! It kept on trying to take pictures of my chest!
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