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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Sydney, day.... Five?
Tram In Snow
This will be a quick entry, I swear! I have to get on with my day, such as it is :-)

OK. Saturday. Went out for breakfast in Annandale, found a lovely place called the Gallery Cafe, which makes it's own Chai! Tried to read the Sydney Morning Herald on a tiny table without much success.

Doubled back to my Cousin's place - oh, did I mention my Aunt had turned up Saturday morning? She's here from Canada for Christmas. Popped back in to put on my shorts - it were hot and muggy!

Hopped onto tram to Paddy's Market. I can report that Paddy's Market == Victoria Market for all intents and purposes. So I didn't stay long, trying to avoid things I could do at home :-)

You know the kind of place - bad t-shirts, el-cheapo souvenirs, shitty shoes etc.

Popped into a shitty internet cafe next to it and avoided the midday sun. Then I walked through China Town, finally found some bubble tea. It was passable, but not the best. Also located some custard buns to round out my healthy lunch :-)

Then I did something I usually avoid - shopping. Popped into Dymocks to get a book, popped into a camera shop, only to discover the camera I was after was $549! Eep. Not today thanks... Then I saw a guy carrying a Red Eye Records bag. Red Eye is probably the best record store in this town. Looked it up on Google which provided me a map showing that it was literally 100 metres from where I was standing... So I had to go... So a John Zorn and a Melvins CD and four badges later... It was time to head to the Quay :-)

Tried to catch the ferry to Manly, but just missed the 3.30 one. Went and had a chai and wrote some postcards, then tried to catch the 4PM ferry. Only to discover my weekly ticket didn't cover Manly! D'oh! Queued for a ticket after swearing at the automatic ticket machines, and was very early for the 4.30PM Manly ferry! Got a seat dead front of the upper deck which was ace.

Got chatting to a Manly local on the way across. He was talking about kayaking on the harbour, which would be interesting indeed.

Stayed in Manly for all of half an hour, then hopped on a ferry back again. Twice on the way back the ferry honked its horn at a couple of pleasure craft - I think, I don't really follow the rules of the ocean so I'm not sure who was in the wrong. Still, the thousand seat ferry would you assume have right of way over a little speed boat!

Headed back to Annandale and went out for dinner with Tess the Cousin and Diane the Aunt, in the Italian quarter of some suburb called... Leighcart, I think... No, I'm spellin' that wrong.

Stayed up too late reading a book, then crashed.

Holiday == fun.
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