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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Sydney, Day Four
The Man With No Name
This could be a short entry. I'm avoiding the midday sun in a shitty internet cafe in Paddy's Market. And the space bar on this keyboard is stuck! So I may have to run my wordstogtherabit :-)

Wait, have I missed a day? Did I mention lunch in Ultimo on Thursday??? Yep, there it is. Stupid age related dementia...

Friday, I seemed to have spent the morning in that basement internet cafe I keep ending up in. I must love the smell of sweaty nerd. I did have stuff to do, like paying my rent and checking the iternerary of a trip to Europe and the US that I'm organising (I'm turning into a Traveller. Ace.) And discussing the possible baby sitting of another cat.

Then I finally emerged into the daylight, and did some stupid Touristy stuff! That was kinda fun, kinda lame. What can I say...

Monorail, monorail, monorail! I've heard those things are awfully loud. It glides as softly as a cloud. What about us braindead slobs? You'll be given cushy jobs.

Yes, I went on the Monorail. It appears to serve no useful purpose - I had seperate chats to several friends about it. One recalled his old mate who used to drive the thing, and spent most of the time sitting in broken down monorail trains waiting to be rescued... Damn, there it goes now, past this building! The other say the only reason it still goes is because it'd be too expensive to remove... :-)

Anyway, I did slightly more than a complete loop - it only goes one way, I was two stations from where I needed to be, but wanted to experience the whole awfulness of the thing. Damn. From one part of the loop, you can clearly see into an office full of cubicles and several meeting rooms. That must be a weird place to work. The same sales meeting looked to be going on both times I went past one window :-)

Got off so I could head to... The Sydney Tower (formerly the Centrepoint Tower) to look at Sydney from above. Weirdly, the view reminded me a lot of the view from the Rialto, where we had our work christmas party a few weeks back. Some office blocks, some ocean, and kilometres and kilometres of red roofed houses! Every city is the same.

It was also infested with tourists. Notably Russian and Dutch tourists it seemed. Got me a tastful postcard for my little brother, and got the heck out of there!

I was meeting some friends for dinner over the other side of the harbour, and since the afternoon was rapidly running out, I thought I'd better head over. Hopped on the ferry to Kirribbilli, which runs straight from the Quay. Wandered some really hilly streets to... Kirribilli house! Kev's Sydney home! :-) There were four cops outside Admiralty house (the governers residence) but none outside Kirribilli. Tried to take a shot of myself in front of the place, which didn't really turn out...

Via various back streets, I found a wonderful little walk along the foreshore. Beautiful spot, will have to remember it for next time. Walked all the way along to under the bridge, then caught a train north to somewhere called Woolstonecroft or Wolstencraft or some such. Met up with my heavily pregnant friend Pauline (she's HUGE and not due till April!?!??!) and her hubby. They took me out to somewhere called Crows Nest for dinner. Didn't see any crows, did eat some great Cajun food.

They dropped me off at a station, and I headed into Wilsons Point (I think). Hopped off again, and walked across the Coat Hanger. Which was a lot easier than I expected (should point out that I'm talking about the flat bit not the arch!) Only took me about twenty minutes in the end.

The Rocks looked like one huge work christmas party, so I got out o' there and headed to Circular Quay again. There was a ferry most of the way out to Parramatta up the river, but no one could reassure me that it was going to come back. Didn't want to get stuck in the middle of no-where late at night, so decided against that trip for now.

So I ended up... Back in Smelly Internet Cafe. There was a Hoyts near it, but it was closed by the time I got there. End up chatting to Murrumbeena, Malvern and London, as well as trying to organise an overseas trip via Facebook.

Headed out to catch a bus, only to find the 432 appeared to have stopped for the night. Bugger. Caught the 431 to Glebe Point, and started walking across the park.

There was no-one else in the park at that time, not surprisingly. There was a couple walking towards me... As I approached them, the guy said "Paul!" It was Tim, one of four people I know in Sydney! Talk about random! They'd missed there stop on the tram (note to self: it runs all night...) and were walking back... He'd never walked through that park before and had only just moved into the area. Talk about raaaaaaaaaaandom.

Crashed. Slept. Woke up to find my aunt had returned from Canada, so I'm sharing the place with two relo's now :-)

Ok, time I went and did Stuff.
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We rode the monorail last week... first time I'd been on it since 1988 (yr3 excursion), I think!

The voice in my head sang "monorail, monorail! What'd I say" the whole time I was on it...

On the north side of the bridge you'll find Milson's Point. (Nearish to Luna Park - less scarily-faced than Melbourne, and the North Sydney Pool, which used to hold a world record for most world records broken there... Has to do with the salty water being more buoyant than straight chlorine.)

Monorail! MONORAIL!!!!

I've been on the monorail back in the early nineties. It was shite then too :-)

Yeah, I've been near Luna Park, not inside it yet... Trying to avoid doing things I could do in Melbourne (see Paddy's Market = Victoria Market above :-)

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