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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Sydney, Day Three: Meeting the Cousin
Weirdly, I'd been staying in cousin Tess's house for two days without actually meeting Tess - how does that work??? Anyway, whilst blundering about the kitchen looking for some breakfast (or for some way to revoke the drinking of Tequila the night before!) Tess appeared in person! Cool. We chatted, she went off to uni, and we made plans to have dinner that evening.

I needed some bacon and some Chai. Have I mentioned how hard it is to get Chai in this town??? I was chatting to a waitress in a cafe at Circular Quay, and she said they didn't serve it because the tourist's didn't know what it was! I said, I'm a tourist! And she warned that it was fattening... Well, the horse has bolted on that one... :-)

I knew there were some funky cafes on Glebe Point Road (for you Melbournites, think of Brunswick Street, kinda) so I hopped on the bus there. Ended up in a place on a corner called Badde Manor... Which had ace Chai (yay!) but no bacon (boo!)... Turns out later it was vegetarian, which I didn't realise :-)

Then I had to get to Ultimo to have lunch with a mate called Tim. I studied the map for a while, and decided that Harris Street in Ultimo was parallel to Glebe Point Road... But I couldn't for the life of me judge the actual distance... So I asked the lady behind the counter, who told me it was maybe ten minutes walk. Cool. So I hopped on my legs, and took the back streets. Past the church of Scientology!

Took me less than ten minutes, I was well early, so I peeked in the door of the Powerhouse museum. Sounded like there wasn't much on there that was of interest to me...

Met with Tim at a cafe near the ABC centre, a cafe which had even better chai than the Glebe place! Woo-yay, two chai's in about an hour, it never rains but it pours. Had a great old chat with Tim, a gnarly activist I know from my Jamming days. He has some great ideas.

Wandered over to the Chinese Garden, which was actually surprisingly good, and surprisingly peaceful considering it's slap bang in the middle of a really busy part of Sydney. They had these HUUUUUUUUUGE carp, about 70 centimeters long, some of them, bigger than Milkshake the Cat I recon...

Then I wandered over to the Maritime Museum. It was actually getting late in the afternoon - I didn't get my butt out of bed till quite late and more or less missed the morning. The museum itself isn't very exciting, but moored just outside it has two old vessels - the destroyer HMAS Vampire and the submarine HMAS Onslow, a submarine - both of which you can go on.

And both of which are really, really freaky. I recommend 'em. The sub one has to get into via the forward torpedo loading door, climbing backwards down some steep stairs. The whole thing is cramped as hell - I could bang my head in every room. There is one corridor running the length of the ship, and bunks jammed in every conceivable location. Short bunks, I'd have not been able to stretch out in some of them. Even the officers room was tiny and had three bunks crammed into it... The kitchen must have been a nightmare, a grill, a stove, a deep fryer and a bench all in a room the size of... well, smaller than my kitchen in my my one bedroom flat. The biggest compartment in the whole place contained the engines, two HUGE diesels which must have been at least four to five metres longs. The place still smelt of oil... Scary...

Then I faffed about trying to catch the ferry back to Circular Quay. I was convinced it docked on the Museum side, but couldn't find were. Then I was given some misguided directions by someone, and ended up walking all over Prymont Bay, first looking for the terminal then looking for somewhere to get a snack! It's all upmarket bars and shit there... Damn it. Anyway, made the ferry, decided against taking a bus up the completely chokers George Street, and end up catching the train to central and the tram back to Rozelle Bay. Did I mention that all the "light rail" stops say "Tram Stop"? They're in a deluded state :-)

So I went on a tram, a train, a bus, a ferry, a destroyer and a submarine this particular Thursday! To top this I'll have to go on a, I don't know, Monorail :-)

Tess made us dinner which was ace, and I tried to explain to her how the internet works. Then I had to crash - this holiday business is tiring :-)
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