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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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First day in Sydney
Magritte's Pipe
Blogging from a smelly internet cafe in a basement, where I'm paying by the minute - so I'll keep this quick!

Went on the Double Bay ferry, then on the Woolwich (spelling!) ferry. Wandered through the Rocks which really are rocky. Found a lovely spot under the bridge. Wandered back into town and popped into this basement. Oh, also found a tourist info place so now at least I have a map!??!?

I musta spent $70 on taxi's today, getting from my place to the airport then from Central Station out to my Cousin's place. At least I got a train from the airport! Annandale, where I'm staying, is cool, I only got a bit lost there today.

Also found some dodgy postcards to send to various people. And discovered that the MCA cafe has no chai!!!!!

I think there's a tram near it - might take that tomorrow just for shear irony :-)

Plans for tomorrow: Art. Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art properly, then the Art Gallery of NSW. And anything else good I can find. Then meeting some folks in a pub in a suburb called Strawberry Hills (I shit you not) for a beer :-)

Um, the flight was uneventful, I think I'm so used to flying I could recite the whole safety briefing by heart.

Bought a weekly ticket for everything, which cost a fortune, but then I plan to ride a ferry every day :-) Now, when to get on the Monorail... And the boat out to Manly.

Catch ya.

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I haven't been to the Strawberry Hills Hotel in a very long time but from memory it was pretty cool. There was a meeting of Pagans in the Pub there last time I went too.

Not a bad little pub, reminded me of many a passable joint back in Melbourne Town. Not quote up to the standard of the Empress of course :-)

And... Every pub in this town appears to have poker machines...

Gonna send me a dodgy postcard? Or not.

Youse got your dodgy postcard, stop your' whinging ;-)

your sydneyness reminds me of funny horrifiering stories. if we ever do beer one day i'll tell you all about it. have fun :)
be sure to stop by a fetish store while your there, if it's house of fetish, tell them ben from screen sect/dark events sent you. if they give you a blank look tell them you need better friends.

Trying to avoid shopping, for fetish stuff or anything really!!! Waiting to get paid... Today hopefully......

Any good record stores here I should check out?

Museum of Contemporary Aaaaaaaaaaaaaart. See above :-)

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