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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Naughty Kitty
It's probably a bit late in life, but I should become one of them travelin' types...

I've just realised that this trip to Sydney will bring the total number of flights I have taken this year to twelve - a new record. My previous record for flights in a calendar year was eleven.

Mind you, they haven't been that exciting, these trips, most of them for work. This year I've been to... Wait, struggling to remember... There was Camden/Narrellen, Blacktown, Victor Harbor (THREE TIMES) and... Hmmm.... Wait, can't think, I went to Camden twice, but one of those trips was on the way to blacktown... Eep. Either my counting is wrong or I went there more times than that! No, my counting is wrong, that is five trips (tortoises will now accuse me of being old and forgetful and a bad mathematician :-)

Now if only I'd collected all the frequent flier points, damn it.

And now a moral question: I have a cab charge from work which was for after the office christmas party. I didn't use it. Should I use it to get to the airport tomorrow and hope no one notices? Probably a bad idea :-)

Ah well. Will try and update from that fair city. I can do it from my phone now!

I haz a boarding pass.

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Talk about some Spazz Rendering!!!

It's almost Myspace-like...

Comparing Myspace to LJ? Bah! Them's fighting words! Where are my pipe cleaners???

LJ to Myspace!


*Grabs pipe cleaners, dental floss, origami yoda, knitted scarf and prepares for battle*

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