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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Naughty Kitty
It's probably a bit late in life, but I should become one of them travelin' types...

I've just realised that this trip to Sydney will bring the total number of flights I have taken this year to twelve - a new record. My previous record for flights in a calendar year was eleven.

Mind you, they haven't been that exciting, these trips, most of them for work. This year I've been to... Wait, struggling to remember... There was Camden/Narrellen, Blacktown, Victor Harbor (THREE TIMES) and... Hmmm.... Wait, can't think, I went to Camden twice, but one of those trips was on the way to blacktown... Eep. Either my counting is wrong or I went there more times than that! No, my counting is wrong, that is five trips (tortoises will now accuse me of being old and forgetful and a bad mathematician :-)

Now if only I'd collected all the frequent flier points, damn it.

And now a moral question: I have a cab charge from work which was for after the office christmas party. I didn't use it. Should I use it to get to the airport tomorrow and hope no one notices? Probably a bad idea :-)

Ah well. Will try and update from that fair city. I can do it from my phone now!

I haz a boarding pass.

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An excellent choice of weapon. I will get your fingers mixed up in 'em or something :-P

Then I shall move your planet. We're well into the sidebar now.

This planet ain't big enough for both of us!!!

More like this sidebar ain't big enough for both of us!

Talk about some Spazz Rendering!!!

It's almost Myspace-like...

Comparing Myspace to LJ? Bah! Them's fighting words! Where are my pipe cleaners???

LJ to Myspace!


*Grabs pipe cleaners, dental floss, origami yoda, knitted scarf and prepares for battle*

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