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Subject is catless, repeat, catless
schnitzelrug and Milkshake went with evildoom_bunny back to their new home in North Ringwood today... All I have is my memories, a faint odour of cat poo, and several layers of cat hair :-)

While I think of it, I posted a couple of entries about 'em on note_to_cat: Some Private Time Please! and Happiest Cat On Earth.

They're pretty much going to stay with their mommy from now on. I'm off to Sydney on Tuesday, which is why they went home now. They're evildoom_bunny's cats now.

And... Given that my attempts to acquire some kittens fell through, I'm basically catless :-(

Ah well. I might leave it for a while and acquire a Maine Coon kitten in a few years :-)

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I'm so sorry my neighbour was an unreliable fucked-in-the-nervous system asshole.

No big deal. Might be good to be catless for a while. At least it'll give me a chance to get rid of all the fur :-)

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