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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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The Contents Of My Crumpler (AKA My Aching Back)
I was wondering why my Crumpler (a "commuter bag", hence forth to be known as the "Man Bag") was getting so heavy. So I emptied it right now...

This is the entire contents of it. Feel free to sing along to the tune of "the Twelve Days Of Christmas" :-)

In no particular order:

The bag in Question:

(Sorry about the focus, my phone camera's a bit crap.)

Various pills, lip balms and lense cleaners:

Two badges, some ear plugs and a keyring:

Four books and a magazine (and Milkshakes foot):

Seven random pieces of paper:

Nine packets of gum, three packets of lozenges, and Schnitzel's tail!:

Two spiral notebooks:

Two sew on patches (know anyone with a serious sewing machine?):

Five ball point pens, two calling birds, three turtle doves... er...:

A USB Key, a radio and a PayPal security dongle:

Rubbish (mostly gum wrappers):

Prescription RayBan sunglasses and case:

Stapler, mint in box!:

A roll of Culture Jammer stickers:

A Geelong train timetable:

Various public transport maps and timetables, about three months worth of Far Side desk calendar pages:


A twenty cent piece:

Umbrella and cover:

And finally the whole lot!!!!!:

Should you be REALLY REALLY interested, you can click on any of the above for a bigger verion :-)

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ok, now I think you're a woman!

Paul, last time we met (couple of years ago) I wondered what you had done to the Paul I used to know, then when I went to your b'day party on Brunswick street I saw MY paul, but this female Paul... where's the kitchen sink?
I have two kids, and our bad isn't as full as yours.
Perhaps a trip to the chiro to set your back straight is in order!

Nice to take a look :)


pathological hoarding

This was my version of your post.


You are WAYYYYYY more hardcore than me.

Re: pathological hoarding

That hardly comes close!

(Who is this, BTW?)

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