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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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No Kittens :-(
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah

ladystardust_xs, she of the Kittens, went over to visit her neighbour, the keeper of the actual kittens.

(Some background: Ms. Stardust has a number of cats. One of them moved across the road and set up home under her neighbour's bungalow. This was Schnitzel's grandmother, Squishy. She had the litter of four fluffy kittens on which I had some dibs...)

Anyway, she went over today to inquire after the kittens... And... He'd given them away already... :-( Sounds like he got his wires crossed, or was simply a dipstick... :-(

On the upside - there is one - given that I'm looking for a new job, car and house at the moment, getting new cats might have been a bit complicated. And it means I'll be able to have the delightful Schnitzel and Milkshake longer, until evildoom_bunny finds a new house...

Damn it, they was fluffy... Which impostor out there has my kittens???

Ah well, might head over to the good folks at Save a Dog next year and look at their supply of kittens.