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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Random City Events
Drawing of a trike
Will attempt to relate a curious encounter I just had...

I was in a 7/11, trying to buy a diet coke. In front of me at the counter was a blonde woman who was messing about with her bag and a hand full of what looked like business cards. She muttered something about "Oh gawd, now everyone will know what I do" in what might have been a London accent.

I bought my coke, and had to eftpos the $3.20 because I only had three bucks and a 1955 penny in my pocket...

Went out of the 7/11 and the blonde woman was standing on the corner.

Blonde: *Some unintellegable mumble* [tries to hand me what I'd taken for a business card but which was actually some kind of folded over nightclub pass]
Me: I'm sorry, say all that again?
Blonde, pulling an unhappy face: Half price strippers on King street tonight.
Me: Sorry, not really my kind of thing
Blonde, still looking pained: It's just my job, it's just my job...
Me: I understand.... I gotta go catch a train...

And I wandered off...

I think there's a whole long story there which it is not my destiny to find out. No, I have to go home to re-install an operating system on a PC.... Hmmmmmmm....