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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Too Many Choices
Drawing of a trike
Had a thought that 3 should catch up with my friend Jean in Adelaide. Then I had a delemia (is that how you spell that?)... How to get in touch...

I could: message her on facebook. I could write on her facebook wall. I could send her an email. I could send her an SMS. I could chat on Messenger or Skype. Or I could even - believe it or not - call her on her mobile or even her home phone! But wait there's more! We haven't cosnsidered the possibilities of snail mail or carrier pigeon etc. etc. etc. :-)

The scary part is that any choice I make is just as likely to fail as any other, and no communication will actaully take place. D'oh!

Think I'll try telepathy...

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Posted from my phone where I don't got spell checker :-P

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