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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Music's In Trouble
Drawing of a trike
See, as promised, a non election post :-)

I hear via the Age and <lj user="ladystardust_xs"> that not only is the Rainbow closing, but the same fuckchops who bought the Punters Club and turned it into a hideous bar called Bimbo... Have bought the Tote. Fuck.

Talk about being assulted from all sides. It's bad enough that people are moving into the Trendy suburbs, and then whinging about the noise.

(Here's a tip folks, the pubs and the bands were here first and they ARE the local color you were after.)

And then we get developers who like to cash in on the Cool that the pubs themselves have... A fate which no doubt will now befall the Tote. What's a scruffy dive to do? It's not like you can spray on the grunge and the cred...

Still, I suppose all is not lost. There are new venues springing up - mostly in Northcote it would seem - I'm just not convinced that there's not a slow steady decrease in live music venues. More closed places spring to mind than new ones...

Don't get me started on the Retro Cafe's truck. Parked next to the place for a decade, one new neighbour complains (go back to glen iris you) and they have to have it towed away... Welcome to Chapel Street...

Post from a Tram in Bourke Street.

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It's all sliding north. So what are teh kewl hang outs in Northcote? I don't think I've ever even got off the train there.

Northcote is the new tready centre, it would seem. Many a cafe many a music venue. Can't believe you haven't been here :-)

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