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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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House? Maybe house!!!
Drawing of a trike
Saturday morning, Barbara and I looked a town house in Northcote. We almost didn't go because it didn't have a picture.

Lucky we did. It was perfect. Big bedrooms, two bathrooms, THREE toilets, alarm system, garage, big bedrooms, built in robes. Best of all, it's about 200 metres from my current flat! I could move with a trolley! And cheap too, for these day and ages. And it's a private rental, no fucking around with real estate agents!

We gathered together all our shit and submitted an application today. Fingers crossed!!! It would be ace, I'd even be able to keep my current phone number....

Should find out by Wednesday.

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that sounds great! I hope you get it!!

Dude, good luck with it! Awesome house, you must invite me for parties ;)

Trust me, there will be many many parties....

Go the private rental! That's what we've got and this time it's worked out very well.

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