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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Thoughts on Costello
Voting is the best revenge
Peter "fuckhead" Costello has fallen on his sword. Hooray.

It's also likely he knows his history. In the history of Australian politics no new leader elected by an opposition immediately after a defeat has gone on to become prime minister. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's certainly the trend. Think of Kim Beazley. Simon Crean. Bill Hayden (anyone remember him?)

In fact, about the only leader to lead a party to an election defeat and later to become Prime Minister was a certain Johnny Howard...

I am very, very, very interested to see who will take over from him. I wonder if it'll be Malcolm Turnbull? The richest man ever to win a seat in an Australian parliament..

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I know I shouldn't, but in terms of a fair fight, I'd like to see someone as interim Libs leader, before Malcolm rumbles them in a party room challenge in 12-18months time, then puts up a good fight for the next election

Whoever gets in now is never going to last. They'll lose the next one at this rate as well.

Of the people in the Liberal party, Turnbull and Pietro Georgeo are the least repugnant. Lets hope they drag them away from the Howard years...

I wonder how Pietro got along... Ah, looks like he's back in with only a minor swing. Ah well. Lived in that seat for years, would be nice to see it go Labor's way...

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