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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Reflections on the Election
It's Time!
Just listening to a BBC world service report about the Australian election (ABC News Radio plays the BBC during dead times like Sunday arvos). That really brought it home - they used the word "landslide" and talked about Kyoto, Broadband and getting out of Iraq. If Rudd can just do those three things it'll have been worth it. Oh, and tearing up workchoices!!!!

And in breaking news - Costello is going to the back bench! This just gets better and better! All we need now is for Alexander Downer to be put in a leaky boat somewhere in northern waters, and left to fend for himself with nothing else but a pair of fishnets :-)

I wonder who will be opposition leader? Surely not Tony Abbot after his abominable election campaign.

There was a great picture on the ABC election site - lets see if I can find it again... there it is. A shot of Julia Gillard trying to shush her raucous supporters during the election broadcast. Looks like we might have a wildly popular deputy. Can't be a bad thing. And why the heck not, I've seen her speak in person, and she's impressive.

(Which reminds me of a quote I heard from her. I'm paraphrasing, it went something like "This one week I was addressing groups of people at every meal. It got to Thursday morning and I was at home - wandering around eating my weetbix looking for someone to talk to about industrial relations".)

Went to my first old-fashioned ALP election party last night. That was interesting, although I didn't stay long - I was exhausted after a really long week. Martin Ferguson, whatever his faults, really gives a fuck about Batman which was great to see - talked about the real disadvantage in the northern suburbs for example.

It is beginning to sink in.

I saved some bunting from the polling booth. Not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure I can find a place for two smiling Kevin Rudd portraits :-)

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My favourite election-day advertising was the black and white image of Howard and Costello, with the words "You're not voting for him... You're voting for him." They were both leering, horribly and smugly. (Not that I'd want it on my wall.)

As someone was pointing out on Monday, Rudd slayed three conservative leaders over two days! Nice work!

(Howard, Costello and Vaile for those following at home.)

I have to profess that I am not keen on either "Major party". Although I am relived that Labor are in rather than Liberal.

I just hope that they do what Julia said they would and ratify Kyoto.

Best of a bad bunch, mate. That's all we ever vote for.

we don't have to vote for "best of a bad bunch" vote for "minor parties" and form a democracy where the government has to negotiate for every vote with the other parties.

Not holding my breath

Yeah, I can't say I'm particularly optimistic about how this government will go. However, they are on the right track already - signing Kyoto, getting rid of Work Choices, etc. etc...

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