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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Bye Bye Howard
It's Time!
Man, I've waited sooooooooooooo long for this day, it feels a bit anticlimacitc. (That I am sitting at home blogging about it rather than at a party should be evidence enough.)

Back when Latham lost the 2004 election - October the 9th, I remember it well... I've been waitin since then.

In fact, further back than then. Back to 1996 when Keating - who is my kind of arsehole - lost to that short man.

I've been a member of the ALP on and off since the early nineties (it's in my gene's, going back at least a couple of generations). But I rejoined this time around because I figured after the last election, here was a party who needed all the help they could get.

As it turned out, they didn't, particularly not in the safest labor seat in the country! But still...

I guess I am relieved, finally, that tonight the member for Bennelong lost his seat and lost his government. Will take a few days to sink in...

Sorry if this entry is not particularly coherent. Will post more tomorrow when I'm less exhausted.

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Isn't it completely fucking awesome? I've been on the net all night yapping to lefties all over the country about it. Unfortunately Heath passed out early, not from excitement but from all the drama of the past week fucking with his sleep patterns.

but still it's a big YAY!!

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