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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Flaky Tree Friend
Hey all, seems to have been a few days since I've posted here.

I came to a startling conclusion this week: I'm doing Too Much. A revelation, I know :-)

This came to me on Tuesday night. I had to:
* Rush from work to meet a guy in Moonee Ponds about a Toasties contest I'm organizing
* Put together an agenda for said contest
* Email about twelve people
* Print and post twenty nine letters about an ALP Branch meeting in a week or two
* Iron a shirt for Wednesday

So I got to bed very late. The whole week's been like this. Monday night I had my always excellent Book Group. Wednesday night I went and judged at a Toastmasters contest in Bundoora. Thursday I went to the Gym.... Somethings gotta give.

Further examples: my upcoming weekend:
* Pick up a package from the post office
* Take Schnitzel to the vet
* Look at some houses to rent
* Go to a barbecue for my sister who's off back to Afghanistan
* (Possibly) go to the gym
* (Possibly) shop for presents for people at the toasties contest
* See the new cut of "Blade Runner" at the Astor.

* Drive to Geelong to meet up with cousins
* While I'm there visit Barwon Books
* And my grandfather (maybe)
* Pick up a Gramophone (where the fuck am I going to put that???)
* Get to the gym
* Put the finishing touches to the Toasties stuff
* Print a whole pile of things

Actually the rest of the week is equally chaotic. Monday I've got a normal Toastmasters meeting. Tuesday, an ALP branch meeting. Wednesay my Toastmasters contest. Thursday off to the Gym. Not to mention Saturday the 24th, when I'll be handing out how to vote cards for four hours, scrutineering then going to a party.

So... Something has to give....

So, next year, I'm going to Cut Back. Go back to being just an ordinary member of Toastmasters. Ditto the ALP. Leaving just my book group (one night a month) and the Gym. And I gotta remember how to just have fun.

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Told you so, told you so, told you so, told you so...

try turning off all your laptops, mobile phones, etc for 30 minutes every evening...

30 minutes isn't enough

I need to turn them off for several days :-)

Actually, I need to learn to say the word "no"...

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