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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Krazy Kat
For reasons not entirely clear to me, I've been re-reading lots of Ursuala Le Guin's books recently, including at least five of the books in the "Earthsea" series.

(I think I like re-reading them because they're not particularly weighty, so they're kinda the book equivalent of fairy floss. Given that I usually read Chomsky and Primo Levi and other heavyweight shit, it makes a pleasant change of pace...)

Anyway, the other "major" series she's created is called the "Hainish Cycle" after a planet of the same name which appears in it. And for no good reason, I've decided to re-read them all - eight (or nine) novels and a smattering of short stories. The debate is - should I read them in the order in which they were published or the order of the internal chronology? Even the Ursuala FAQ doesn't have a definitive answer.

The really scary part is... I found three books (one, two and four in the "chronological" series) sitting on my bookshelves. Along with at least three other books by her which are not in the Cycle... Although there is some debate about "The Eye Of The Heron". Clearly I was (or am) a fan...
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