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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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A Night at The Movies/Pub
Flaky Tree Friend
Dragged myself to the Empress tonight for the first time in Aaaaaages. Damn, I really like that pub. I was going to say love, but there are certain things a Man just doesn't say to a Pub. It's just not wholesome ;-)

Was there for the extremely random Sploge film night. I can report that Sunstruck is shit movie, despite the lead character being played by Harry "Goon Show" Secombe...
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Good lord, what an odd choice of film.

That's Splodge for ya!

I'm impressed that you've even heard of said film!

It would explain why the carpets are sticky...

Yep I'll go to the corner and think about what I've done...

*boom tish*

Nice work.

Let nothing come between a man and his beloved pub, not even the laws of nature...

Or contraception apparently! :oP

Yeah I don't quite understand what it means either.

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