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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Wacky Geetar
Spotted this in Allens a while back:

(clicky on piccy for more biggy.)
I was both repelled and strangely fascinated...

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I've wanted to get one of those for ages. They're so cute.

Sick little monkey!!!

Still, I guess it's slightly better than Daisy Guitar.

As I'm sure you've pointed out before, I'm a teenage girl!

Oh yeah, that... :-P

Ok, I suppose that's a pretty good excuse. You don't strike me as the kind of teenage girl who is into generically cute things however...

Looked at my LJ icons lately?

Oh yeah......... Hmmm.... I am far more observant than I might appear, I swear :-)


What does that mean? :-)


Will use that in a sentance today!

Ivy from Gyn01d (my band) has one :)

She also has an Emily the Strange guitar.

I must come see this band of yours...

Are you finally with Daisy Rock Guitars?

Stupid spelling! That should be "Familiar with" :-)

My band have a gig on tuesdy night, details on my lj, and on the band's myspazz and on my facebook.

Yes, I am aware of daisy rock guitars :)

Damn, Tuesday ain't good for me, so much on. Sorry. Will friend your myspaze. Wait, I friended your band on facebook I think...

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