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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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OMG!!!11!!!!ONE!!ONE!!!!11 Kittens!
Dancing Kitty
Mostly to get her mother off her case (at least a little), evildoom_bunny has sent the Kittens to live with their daddy for a while. Yay! schnitzelrug and Milkshake are back!

Schnitzel's got bigger since I last saw her. And has mellowed a bit, she seems more like a cat - well, she is, technically, being thirteen months old or so. She's happy to sit on the couch, or lie on my lap (in what looks like the most uncomfortable positions, but she seems to be fine...)

Milkshake is still a bit nuts, but very very affectionate. A couple of times she's decided she needs some patting, and literally pushes herself at you till you pat or tickle her enough. Then she rolls around like a cat in some serious ecstasy.

Last night I found them curled up together in the covered cat bed we got for Schnitzel. Cute! Milkshake had her chin resting on Schnitzel's hips. Later Schnitzel was licking Milkshake's head. Ah, friends! This is why we got two kitties, so they wouldn't be lonely. Although there are still some minor disputes about whose food bowl is whose....

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Awwww curled up together, I've never seen them do that in the bed before, but I have on my bed! Very sweet.

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