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More Weird Music
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
At last night's Snog gig the Merch table included a lot of very weird country albums - although I use the word "country" fairly broadly.

Seems that David Thrussell, always a fan of old country records - you hear the odd sample (and I mean odd) on some of his releases - has started a record label to re-issued a lot of old "psychedelic country" from the sixties and seventies... It's called the The Onmi Recording Corporation and the impulse buyer in me wants to go acquire their entire catalogue!!! Especially this one:
country moog
(Hmmmm, for some reason that link on the image is broken. I think it's something about their server, my href is well formed :-)
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I've been hearing that country is the new goth...

And I'll bet you've been hearing this from nonhumanreason :-)

Might take me a while to adjust, I like my music crunchy!

You taking my name in vain?


Yep :-P

I have heard you opine the same thing in the past :-)

I stand by it.

Last night at a party I asked a random young goth chick what music she likes and she said "industrial and goth" then she looked shy and said "and country"

Cool. Did you get her number for me? ;-)

I'd probably answer something obscure to a direct question like that. I'd say "nerdcore" or "jazzcore" :-)

Damn it, I haven't been to a party in ages... Stupid boring friends.

Karina used to bitch about "American Recordings" being "depressing slit-your-wrists" music ... ubergoth ice queens, gotta love 'em.

I think that sums up several genres I could name...

"Making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel" - Bart.

I heard of this some months ago when I was in conversation with one of the sound engineers on the project...

I'm seriously tempted to get some of them. I caught a bit of the track "The Rubber Room" between acts last night. Odd......

I would buy it

and if I have money, I will buy it

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