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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

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Can Anyone Say "Landslide"?
It's Time!
I'm feeling a bit hopeful and optimistic about the election thing.

If the polls continue the way they are...

And the swing is consistent across the whole country...

We might be talking a landslide people...

A good landslide means at least two terms in office. This has worked a treat for Labor here in Victoria - you win enough seats the first time around, it'd take something drastic to lose the next election... Yay.

And I've been doing my part - I spent a good $17 today on pre-paid envelopes to send out a campaign schedule to my comrades in the Northcote Branch :-)

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I hope it's a landslide!!!

They're wonderful, these optimistic feelings of hope and anticipation that I feel in my chest. They're tangible... I'm holding my breath.

For the first time in a long time, I actually have faith in the Australian public :)

I really am crossing my fingers, since there's really not a whole lot else I can do here. Except perhaps crap on online - there's an idea.

Not sure my faith in the Australian Public will every be, er, very faithful. These are the people who watch "Australia Idol" for example!??!?!?

hey! I watch Idol :p

Hmmmm... Ok, I'll forgive you :-P

(I should have sighted some other examples of mass stupidity. Pauline Hansen springs to mind...)

I should probably confess that I also watch Big Brother.

A couple of years back I was out with friends. One girl I hadn't met before made a disparaging remark about BB, and said "What kind of idiots watch that crap?" My good friend and I both said "I do." Awkward silence. The other girl tried to change the subject, "So how do you two know each other?"
My friend replied, casually, "Oh, we did our first Master's degree together."
"First Master's?"
"Yeah, Ali's almost finished her second, and I'm halfway through my PhD."
The girl did the goldfish mouth for a bit, trying to compute reality-tv viewers with post-grad degrees. Highly entertaining.

So, yeah, I watch shit tv, but I don't really fit into the regular demographic ;)

I'm impressed you didn't try and justify it as "Oh, I'm just seeing what the stupid people are into. It's an anthropological exercise." :-)

We all have our incongrous tastes. I used to watch a lot of NFL for example...

apparently the only game in the world where the Network can call a time out to fit in an ad break...

Yeah, that's more or less the case. Weird weird weird.

If you're watching the international feeds, when they don't cut to the ads, the whole game stops for two minutes and people just stand around... Weird.



Please don't underestimate the stupidity of the masses.

There's a real threat that there will be votes for the coalition 'just so labour doesn't win by so much'

Very true, oh anonymous commenter.

However, when a swing is on, a swing is on. When people have decided a government has to go, they can then give them a drubbing.

There is a school of thought that suggests people wanted to vote Labor last time around, but didn't like Latham. Which would explain the jump in the polls when Rudd stepped in...

I grew up in Throsby, one of the really safe Labor seats.

My dad claims to be Labor, but always votes Liberal - "just to make the numbers closer, so they might actually spend some money here."

I'm quite excited to now live in Eden-Monaro - a real seat!

...and one of the seats with the silliest names... :-)

I'm in Batman, but I grew up in Kooyong - which is not as safe as it used to be. I hear Petro Georgio is in trouble there. Which... Well, of all the liberals he is the least repugnant... Ah, who cares, give me the friggin' landslide already!!!!

...and one of the seats with the silliest names...

says he who lives in Batman


Close to the lesser-known seat of Robin :-P

Throsby does sound like it was named by someone with a lisp...


Throsby was named for a local pioneer/explorer

just test


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