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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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This House Renting Business has Gone INSANE
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
Today I went and looked at a house for rent in Brunswick.

This is part of what I saw when I got there:

(Click on the picture for the full horror. The house were were trying to look at is behind the tree in the middle - you can just see one corner of it...)

This was only the back of part of the crowd who were waiting to see the place. I drove past, looking for a place to park, and I thought I was seeing... Well, I had no idea, the start of a riot perhaps? There were easily one hundred people there. I waited out the front for a good ten minutes just waiting to get inside and have a look!

It was a big place, but a bit run down and the kitchen was very seventies. Had some weird touches like the vast bathroom upstairs and the kinda bathroom downstairs, which was fitted into the back of the laundry, the shower having an unfrosted outside window.

It was relatively cheap, and could easily have been a five bedroom place if you were a student and didn't give a stuff. Heck, with some couples you could have had six or more people living there... But, not for me, I commend it to the lucky students who fellate enough real estate agent dick to get the place.

What frightened me was what this says about the rental market. I mean, one keeps hearing that the rental market is tight, but fuck, this was scary. I had to fight my way from room to room in the place - it was like a really bad house party with no music and no booze. I was probably the oldest person there... Obviously the share housing is for the kids...

The four places we looked at over the weekend were not as crazy as this - which bodes well... Perhaps we are in just the right price and size range to avoid some of the madness...

Now... All I need is for someone to organize a real house party :-)

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I had a similar experience 10 years ago in Fitzroy North, it was a 2 bedroom run-down shithole but there were tons of people looking at it, scary.

It must be something about the price... Weird. Ah well, I have a nice flat, I'm prepared to take my time...

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