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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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House Hunting
I spent a fair chunk of Saturday house hunting. We - some old housemates of mine and I - are looking for a place to rent. Mostly for economic reasons, I confess.

I'd forgotten what twonks real estate agents are. At two of the places, we had to ring up and remind them there was supposed to be an inspection on. I was standing around the front of one place so long I got sunburnt.

House one was in Coburg. A little further out than I'd like, although I looked on a map and it was actually only a few streets from Brunswick and about four kilometres from where I am now! It was a huge place (although for a guy who lives in a one bedroom flat, all places look huge to me) on the side of a hill, so the main living area was in three levels. Weird. Huge main bedroom (mine :-) with what was almost a walk-in robe, and an en-suite with two basins!!! We will be applying for this one :-)

House two was in North Fitzroy. Very near Clifton Hill. And about three doors down from the house old/new housemate Barbara lived in when she first moved to Melbourne. We waited for aaaaages for the Real Estate Satanist to arrive. I called them up - a lady from a couple from Sydney who was also waiting said "You're a lot politer than I would be!" We got to chatting, and I tried to explain that Fitzroy was a bit like Glebe or Newtown. We also met three women who lived around the corner - we encountered them at three houses in a row! I suppose we shouldn't have been so friendly, given we're effectively competing :-)

The house itself was shite. It had some very weird renovations - there was a kind of mezzanine room over the living room, out the back. It was reached by a tight, very rickety spiral staircase. And had no door and no windows on a gap which looked down on the living room below. Eep. Nice spa though :-)

House three was also a bit weird. It had what could have been three bedrooms downstairs, although they weren't huge. And weird little window alcoves along the main corridor. The front yard was covered in those annoying white pebbles, which got jammed under the front gate! The upstairs bedroom was huge and rather ace - it had it's own living area and an ensuite. That one's mine :-) However, it was a tad pricey and just a bit weird, so, well... We'll see.

House four was the winner. (That picture in the ad is wrong - it was actually the one behind the one in the picture.) It was obviously still occupied by three students, which was cute. They had a huge number of bikes in the shed and ethernet cables strung all over the place. The bedrooms weren't huge, but again there was an Ensuite, and the rent was great - it would be about half what I'm paying now. Did I mention the great location? Across the street from Barkly Square shopping centre - I could get one of those jeep things and shop there. Also very close to Sydney Road. We'll be applying for this one - along with everyone else on earth.

We chatted to one of the guys who lived there. He said the place was great and the agents nice. That would make a pleasant change!

Barbara and I went and recovered in a cafe on Sydney Road. Ah, the lifestyle... Someone has to do :-)

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One of my friends lives just down the road from Barkly Square! o_o

It's a nice part of the world. You'll have to come visit us both :-P

What can I say... back when I met you, ten years ago in distant 1997, you were living with Barbara as well :-)

The Once and Future Housemates

I didn't actually live with Babara in 1997 - although it seemed that way. She was dating my then house mate Cameron.

I did however share a place with her from the middle of 2000 till early 2004...

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