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Politics (part fifty eight)
It's Time!
I think the other reason I'm so bored with the campaign is because I know most of the policy already. Well, actually, I know very little of it in detail. But I know it's general thrust - unless the party to which I belong goes off in some particularly weird direction. Building reactors for instance, although I have specifically asked about that.

So the slow rolling out of policies does not interest me the way we're told the rest of the country is interested. One thinks that might actually mostly be in the minds of the media... Are people in the outer suburbs really waiting with baited breath for the realse of each party's Arts policy? I doubt it.

I know that the federal ALP will have a better education, health, broadband and tax policy than the current government. I know that no IR regime could possibly be as bad as Work Choices. I know that it wouldn't take much to have a better defence policy. I could make some suggestions myself right now! Get a coast guard. Don't buy the F-35s.

And I know that there are good talented people currently sitting on the opposition front benches who are, frankly, less evil and creepy than the current government.

So the slow rolling out of policy bores the heck out of me. I simply sit and hope for a moderately progressive left-of-centre federal Labor government along the lines of the first Hawke government. And I know for a fact I'll be dissatisfied with a fair bit of what a Rudd government will get up to, but then the changes of there being a Paul lead socialist-lefty-culture-jammer administration are less than nill. It would be an ace government - free education for all at all levels, paid maternity and/or paternity leave. No advertising on television. Rupert Murdoch thrown out of the country forever. *sigh* But I will settle for the aforementioned hopefully progressive Rudd government... Man, I really do home my optimism is not misplaced. Still... Anything would be better than Ruddock, Howard, Costello, Abbott and the rest of those right wing nutjobs.

I just want them out now. Today. This moment. As soon as humanly possibly. Which I guess is a long way of saying: Vote, or at least preference highly, Labor. Thank you and good night :-)

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That is cynical and... a bit biting... and... damn it. When does it get to be my turn at the top job?

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