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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Bath Time
Magritte's Pipe
I'm still sick, damn it. Either it's a bad cold or a mild flu.

Last night I had my first bath in... Well, I'm not entirely sure I've ever used the bath here in my flat and I've been here since Feb of 2005. And before anyone makes "You haven't had a bath in three years? You must be pretty stinky. Ha ha ha. Ha" I will point out that I've probably had several hundred showers in that time :-P

(Wait... Does a Spa count as a bath? Had one of those in November of last year at a B&B on the Bellarine peninsula.)

My bath has a few drawbacks: It uses the entire contents of my hotwater heater to fill it. It's tiny. And the shower head tends to drip cold water on your head if you sit under it. Never the less, to my surprise I found some bath, er, syrupy stuff, and hopped in. It kinda worked, except my knees stuck out and got cold. Sort of worked to easy my aching right arm, too. Which is possibly a symptom of the Flu. Mind you, is it safe to diagnose oneself from an entry on the Wikipedia? :-) I suppose it is if you're a nerd...
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Don't diagnose yourself from wiki! baaaaad idea mr hypochondriac.

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