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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Makin' Money on Ebay!
Catnip Cat macro
I am so selling my collection of Game and Watch Nintendo thingies.

I have Oil Panic, Donkey Kong Junior and indeed Donkey Kong 3 - although not in as good nick as that one.

Or maybe I'll just flog them in one job lot. Anyone *cough*tortoises*cough* want to make me an offer? :-)

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I would if I actually had money. *coughs*


Yeah. Incongruous I know. I was adding to my collection not two weeks ago. I realised I never really play with them... I'm not much of a collector am I? :-)

Bloody Ebay allows one to indulge in the toys you coveted when you were Eleven. Trouble is, I'm not eleven any more. For example I had this lego set back in the late seventies and it takes work for me not to bid on it now :-)

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