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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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This Is Mainly For My Russian Readers
Tram In Snow
Er... Just what exactly is up with this Russian poster about Nipple Care... The things you find on the Wikipedia...

Which I guess is somewhat discussed in this here comic...

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I guess it could be regarding breastfeeding, as they used to believe you needed to 'toughen' them up before you gave birth, doing things like scouring them or icing them.

That's kinda disturbing at some level. But does fit the the "mother russian" thing that seems to be going on here. Be a good mommy for Stalin... :-)

yeah it's basically saying that you need to strengthen the nipples by washing them with cold water (Ivanov system - http://www.geocities.com/parshek/engl.htm - the guy who used to go swimming in winter to strengthen himself). A lot of Russians think that showering with cold (icy cold) water in the mornings help you stay healthier... Unfortunately for me my Mum went through a phase of this and once made me go onto the snow in my bathers and poured a bucket of icy cold water over my head... once in a lifetime - never to be repeated again experience. Polina

That dude is a FREAK.

You Russians are all CRAZY.

That's very.. very scary. Russians are indeed nutty. It's all that vodka :P

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